Natural Sun Filtering Oil (4 oz.)


When you go out in the sun, use our unique, totally natural Sun Filtering Oil which contains Sesame Oil (known to filter 30% of the suns rays) Jojoba (known to protect from free-radical damage), Aloe Vera (known to soothe and help regenerate damaged skin), Honey (which protects the skin from damaging sun rays), Vitamin E (which promotes healing and tissue repair), Sea Buckthorn (one of the finest oils for protecting and regenerating the skin), and small amounts of Lavender and Rosemary essential oils along with Absolute Linden Blossom to give a sweet, gentle fragrance to this wonderful product. For maximum effectiveness, use 3-4 days prior to sun exposure, allowing the oil to fully penetrate all layers of the exposed skin surface. Limit your sun exposure, and use one of our moisturizing Body Oils or our Body Butter to soothe the skin after any type of sun exposure.



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