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Our natural toners are made with hydrosols and grapefruit seed extract. A hydrosol is the water left over from the distillation process when making absolute and essential oils. Much like the water left over from steaming vegetables, it is incredibly rich in nutrients. Hydrosols contain many active, water-soluble principles of the plant that are not present in the essential oil, making them excellent for skin care because they absorb so easily. Grapefruit Seek Extract is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants known to man. It aids the immune system in fighting off bacteria and infection, which helps to prevent environmental skin damage caused by free radicals.

Combining these two exquisite ingredients produces a lovely, natural astringent/toner for your face and skin that will protect it from environmental damage while firming and toning. We use no chemicals, artificial preservatives or artificial colors in our products, and we do no animal testing. We offer this product in two scents: Rose, scented with Absolute Rose, and Lavender/Lime, scented with essential oils of Lavender and Lime. Use daily for best results.

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