The idea for Encantos came one day in the garden from seeing the vibrant nature of a certain tall, green weed next to a less than robust looking dahlia. What if we didn’t consider this healthy weed an invader and pull it up? And so, a feeling that there was something special about a certain “weed” led to the discovery that this was nothing less than “Rumex Crispus” or Yellow Dock, a plant used by Native Americans and European herbalists for centuries to heal wounds and cleanse the blood. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to put the goodness of this wild and strong weed and other herbs and “weeds” into truly natural products? Delighted and enchanted by the inspiration created on that summer day, we created our company and named it Encantos, which means “enchantments” in Spanish.

Remaining true to our initial vision, today Encantos offers 26 totally natural soap and skin care products, including exfoliants, toners, moisturizers, body oils, spritzers, lip balms and sun filtering products, as well as bath salts, sachets and perfume/bath oils. We enrich all of our soap and skin care products with the strong and natural goodness of herbs such as Yellow Dock, Nasturtium, and Lavender to name just a few. We use no animal products, artificial colors or preservatives in any of our products.

We also offer an exquisite line of hand-made pressed flower cards made by women artists in Lithuania. Each card is signed by the artist and is suitable for framing.

We hope you enjoy all of our products as much as we enjoy making them… naturally.

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